Monday, October 09, 2017

High Holiday (and beyond) highs and lows

First, my husband finds out, the day before Rosh HaShanah, that our High Holiday rabbi is sick, which means that my husband has to give "sermons" on the Yamim Noraim for the first time in his 75 years.  I thought he did pretty well, though I'll admit to being biased.  :)  I also have a feeling that a High Holiday rabbi for our congregation is now a thing of the past.  :(

Then we go to a friend's house for lunch on Rosh HaShanah, and I get the lecture of my life about my stomach ulcer.  "Diet won't cure this, and if it becomes a bleeding ulcer, you'll be in really bad shape."  Point taken.  I reverse my decision--I'll let my gastroenterologist cure me first, then I'll see a dietitian/nutritionist about trying to prevent a recurrence.  My appointment with the gastro is next week.

Next, I get tired of my heart playing games with me--speeding up, thumping, and giving me tightness across the chest--so I end up at my cardiologist getting wired with a portable ECG machine two days before Yom Kippur.  It certainly feels weird walking into synagogue on the Sabbath of Sabbaths with wires hanging off of me.  What I have is probably just acid reflux, but I'm not taking chances.

The beginning of Sukkot was delightful, with dry, warm weather.  We went to Gantry State Park yesterday afternoon to do tashlich.  A fine time was had by all, even the East River's fish.  :)

Moed Tov!


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